April 17, 2014


 tie-dye eggs
 we love how this "boiling accident" turned into a happy mistake. (It looks like a dino egg!)

 sharpie eggs

We also love this egg our friend Maggie scripted with friendship poems

Happy egg decorating!

fox + gypsy

April 16, 2014

southern casual-tee

tank dress; H&M basics
boots; Minnetonka
necklace; vintage
sunglasses; Valentino
lace bralette; urban outfitters

fox + gypsy

April 15, 2014

southern comfort

Kimono; vintage
Elvis tee; Urban Outfitters
boyfriend jeans; Express
Sunglasses; Michael Kors
necklace; Vintage
boots; Urban Outfitters
fox + gypsy

April 11, 2014

a few of our favorite things

 wineries with Nani
Saturday Sun
 dog sitting
top hats
 vintage market days
 leaving our mark
 the last Moms weekend
 Sundays at Cracker Barrel
 Hats from Spain
 Vintage Schwinns
  bedside necessities
 brother's homemade bread
picking wildflowers
new rehab projects

fox + gypsy

April 10, 2014

DIY: Magnetic Safari


This week we have a dual DIY, a chic magnetic board and some animal magnets. It is a way to display mementos, pictures and cards with an repurposed thrift store frame.

what you'll need:
 large picture frame
wooden board
magnetic paint
primer (for best results)
animal toys (from craft store)
box cutter
glue gun
gold spray paint (optional)

How to:

Coat the board with several layers of magnetic paint. Follow the directions for dry times between layers. For best results use primer before for a quicker result. Check the magnetism of the board with one of the magnets. Using a box cutter, cut the animals into two pieces. We sprayed ours gold. After they are completely dry, hot glue the magnets to the back of the halves. 

fox + gypsy