November 26, 2014

mini apple pies

What you'll need:

16 oz. apple pie filling 
pie crust (we store bought on pack)
cupcake pan
cooking spray
circle cookie cutter (you can also use a circular object)
cinnamon and nutmeg (for flavoring)

How to:
preheat oven to 425 degrees.

1. Roll out one pie crust onto a sheet of wax paper
2. Take your circle cookie cutter and cut
out a piece of pie crust. (each crust should cut about 6)
3. Take your cupcake pan and spray with
cooking spray.
4. Place your pie crust cut out into each cupcake
holder of your pan.
5. Take your pie filling and empty into a bowl.
6. sprinkle your cinnamon and nutmeg into the
filling and mix.
7. Then, take your pie filling and begin to fill
each of your crusts.
8. With the excess pie crust, ball it up and flatten
it out onto your parchment paper.
9. Cut into small strips to place as your pie toppers.
10. Criss-cross the strips over the tops of your pies.
11. Once you have made all of your pies, place
your pies in the oven.
12. bake for 40 mins or until brown.

Allow your pies to cool, and enjoy with a scoop
of vanilla ice cream!

Happy Turkey Day!

fox + gypsy

November 25, 2014


St. Louis is our home and we are devastated by the
 hate and crime that is occurring in our city. We hope that the peaceful 
responses that have formed across the the country will be adopted by our own. 
We believe in love and positivity for change. 
Please keep our city and first responders in your thoughts and let's work 
together for change and a peaceful

November 21, 2014

a few of our favorite things

 happy hour
 fancy birthday cake
 face frames
birthday girl selfies
 so fluffy
 90th birthday lady
 staying warm
 faux fur season
 a rams victory
 the first snow fall
 when a two year old takes over your phone
 triplet birthday party
 moose decor
 blue steel
 favorite quotes
 the big 9-0
 rainy days
holiday lights 
Fake snow
Bud Lights at the Brewery
Best Buds

fox + gypsy

November 20, 2014

Be Dazzled: AB Holiday Lights

Tonight is the opening night of Holiday Lights at Anheuser-Busch
brewery and we could not be more thrilled to kick-off the holiday season with lights, s'mores, fire pits, beer and CLYDESDALES!

The famed Anheuser-Busch annual holiday lights display 
offers more than half a million lights and a variety
of experiences. As of late, we haven't been traveling too 
much and are in constant search of new
activities and experiences to enjoy in
 St. Louis that we can do with family and friends

The magic begins on Thursday, Nov. 20, 
and continues every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 
the holiday season from 6 to 9 p.m. through Jan. 4, 2015. 
For the second year in a row, the towering, Germanic-style red-brick 
buildings adorned with thousands of lights can be enjoyed up-close 
through a self-guided walking tour beginning at the St. Louis Brewery Tour Center and winding through the iconic brewery campus. This year’s holiday experiences include:

Walking Tour: 
a self guided walking tour of the brewery grounds
to view dazzling lights along Pestalozzi St. and topping
the iconic brewery buildings.

Beer Sampling: 
Guests age 21 and older can sample their favorite beers 
along the walking tour route, including Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois, 
Stella Cidre, Shock Top Shockolate and Bud Light Lime Ritas.

S'mores Station:
Warm, cozy fire pits for roasting s'mores!

Biergarten Buffet:
A buffet of Biergarten favorites offers a dinner
experience surrounded by festive lights and decor.

Biergarten Package:
Enjoy the best of food and fun with access to the Biergarten
Buffet, a commemorative sampling glass,
printed photo and s'mores kit! 

Fire Pit Fun:
Reserve a fire pit for a private expereince with seating
for 8 people, s'more kits and wait staff service.

VIP Clydesdale Photo Opportunity:
Families or friends can enjoy dinner for four in The Biergarten,
 a 15-minute private photo session with a Budweiser Clydesdale 
in the historic Clydesdales stables, two holiday ornaments, and one print
 and digital copy of their photo – perfect for that holiday card 

fox + gypsy

November 19, 2014

blazer cape diy

This DIY is a litte more advanced than ones we
have shared in the past, but for any sewers out there (or friends
of sewers ) we wanted to share this how-to for one
of our favorite new trends; the blazer cape.

There are several different patterns for the
blazer cape, but we decided to go with a more structured

You will need:

sewing maching
seam ripper

how to:

1. lay out your blazer onto a surface, arms out.
2. take your seam ripper and begin to cut the in-seam 
of both arms of the blazer. 
3. then, turn you blazer around.
4. find the outside panels of the pattern of your
chosen blazer.
5.  For our pattern, we
removed the outside panels on the back of the blazer,
and reattached the arms to the back.
What you basically will do, is match the seam of your
arm, to the new seam on the back of the blazer.
6. Repeat to other side
7. clean up any rough edges by
 zig zag sewing any rugged seams

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

November 18, 2014

caped crusader

This season, we are pretty smitten with the
cape blazer trend. It's a staple piece that should be 
in just about everyone's closet. We love the chic
spin on the classic tailored blazer. It gives it a little more
edge and a lot more sophistication.

fox + gypsy