May 27, 2015

gypsy caravan finds

Sequin Shawl


Cast iron wine carrier

This year at the gypsy caravan we had our sights set out for furniture. Though we didn't find exactly what we are looking for we, did snag a few timeless items that we are excited to use and display.

fox + gypsy

May 22, 2015

a few of our favorite things

Sunday strolls
pink peonies
party with fire
Best friend selfies

the newly weds

highschool sweethearts
remaking memories
three blondes and a brunette
pre-wedding selfies
professional photo bombing
photo boothing
angel face
shoe box of memories
now and then
neighborhood murals
skyping across the pond

Happy Holiday Weekend!

fox + gypsy

May 21, 2015

Skull Bliss

It's official, we've fallen in love. If you know us, we
love repurposing animal skulls and antlers in our
home decor. To us there is a sort of beauty in recycling
and honoring life that once was.

We have been searching for what seems like
several years for an ethical cow skull. Over the years we have
found our fair share of faux ones, but there is
something so magnificent about a real one.

That's why when Skull Bliss reached out to us
we about fell out of our chairs. We had never heard
or seen such a beautifully crafted piece of art.
Not only is the product amazing and unique, but the company culture
and standards are completely ethical. After browsing through the
website and reading their email, we absolutely had
to have one for ourselves. We landed on this
Tribal Cow Skull with XL horns.

Skull Bliss is located in Bali, Indonesia where they
 produce each handmade items. 
Their Master Carvers have an expertise that they´ve achieved 
in many years. They spend 2-3 full days to create the intricate carving for 
 each skull. Each skull decor is unique as they are made of natural material. 
Each carvers put his individual touch into the carving process which makes 
every skull a one-of-a-kind. The notion of taking an animal skull 
and to carve ornaments into it is a Balinese tradition as they simply 
honor every cow or buffalo and did not want anything go to waste
 after animals were used for food. We are honored to now display this art.

See these beautiful pieces for yourself by visiting
You won't be disappointed!

fox + gypsy

May 20, 2015

in the home; skull decor

We have always loved animal skull decor and recently we have added a one-of-a-kind skull to our collection. We love the natural aesthetic that it adds to any room in the home

fox + gypsy