July 22, 2014

summer kimonos

We have been collecting vintage kimonos since
we started our blog a couple of years ago. We love how versatile
they are in all seasons, but especially love their
bohemian flair in the summertime sun.

enjoy the pinspiration!

fox + gypsy

July 18, 2014

a few of our favorite things

 Fast Eddies Saturdays
 summer cocktails
 candid photo booths
karaoke bars
girls day out
 three little monkeys + one big brother
 bug shots
 juice boxes to cure the Sunday blues
 a dealt hand
 street walkin
 group shot
tough decisions
 lego land friends

date nights

 birthday trips to fast eddie's
 berries from the garden
Vivi's rockin' style
Happy Friday!
fox + gypsy

July 17, 2014

{guiltless} cake batter ice cream

In honor of F&G's bday, we decided we didn't want
to celebrate with a conventional cake, we wanted to mix it up a bit!
We decided to share this easy (and AMAZINGLY delicious)
{low fat} no-churn bday cake ice cream.
We can't stop eating it...it may be (dare we say) better than ice cream.

What you'll need:

1 box cake mix (preferably funfettii!)
16 oz of non-fat Cool Whip
 8 oz diet soda
1 can (14 oz) non-fat condensed milk

how to:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix the entire box of cake mix and diet 
soda in a medium bowl and stir until completely blended. Bake as directed 
on the cake mix box. While the cake is baking, mix together the 
condensed milk and Cool Whip. Once the cake is finished crumble about half 
of the cake into pieces and stir into the milk and Cool Whip mixture. 
Freeze for about two hours and serve with your favorite toppings!

fox + gypsy

July 16, 2014