May 17, 2017

Bandana DIY

Bonnaroo is just 24 days away and we
are already making some early preparations
for the trip! One of our must-have
festival accessories for the past few years
has been a bandana

We decided, this year, why not give
our bandana a little makeover and make 
them a little more fun with a super easy DIY!

We went through our goodie bag
of DIY notions, and found some cute
embroidered flowers and some 
ombre fringe to sew onto the bandanas. 
You can pick up bandanas just about anywhere
these days and they are usually about $.99!
You can also get a 12-pack on amazon for around

We got our floral patches on amazon, and
there are really great ones on etsy as well!
the ombre fringe we found at Michaels!

For the floral patches, we just did a simple 
whipstitch, enough to secure all the edges
of the patch down. The fringe was a little trickier
and delicate, so we did a machine zig-zag
stitch to secure the edges. Once secured, we 
trimmed the bottom of the fringe.

This DIY was so easy and we loved the way
it turned out! How will you style
your bandana this summer?

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

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